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I was born and raised in Laguna Beach, CA and am currently located in Los Angeles, CA. I love hanging out at the beach, whether I'm snorkeling, skimboarding, or just lounging! I also enjoy running long distances and wheel-throwing pottery. I am studying computer science at USC, and I am particularly interested in web development. The internet is such a vast place and it's exciting to think that a site I worked on will reach such a broad audience. I like doing front-end design because I feel like usability and presentation of a product are fundamental to the impact it creates. Additionally, I also like doing back-end development because I value having an idea of the whole picture and because it's very interesting to see where the front and back ends of a website meet. Anyways, if you want to reach me, my contact information is listed at the bottom of the page. Thanks for visiting!

6 Random Facts About Me

Where I've been
Where I want to go
Laguna Beach High School
Laguna Beach, CA
Summa Cum Laude
Completed: 2010
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
B.S. Computer Science
In Progress: 2014
Experience Clipmunk May 2013 - Present
Co-founder and Web Designer
  • Developed site that allows users to discover, collect, and share videos from any site
  • Built on Bootstrap, jQuery, and Ruby on Rails, using GitHub
  • Created all of the front-end interfaces and learned how to build a product from inception

Handsome Holdings Inc. January 2013 - Present
Web Designer and Developer
  • Built an e-commerce site on Shopify for a small-scale, food-distribution business
  • Worked on branding and initial web design for a travel-based referral site
  • Designed a front-end site to showcase products for a lei and flower business

Cahoots Connect LLC January 2013 - May 2013
Web Development Intern
  • Worked on this web project that focuses on student and alumni networking for small schools
  • Built on HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL, using GitHub
  • Learned how to adapt to existing code infrastructure and designed major user interfaces
Relevant Coursework
Data Structures
Covered advanced C++, C++ STL, search and sorting algorithm design
Objected-Oriented Programming
Created a full application with Java GUIs, agents, and multithreading
Software Development
Worked on a ten-week project with front and back end teams on GitHub
Programming on the Web
Developed a full website with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL
Skills Applications: GitHub, NetBeans 7, Xcode 4, Bootstrap, SASS, MS Office
Design: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator CS6
Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, SQL, C++, Java
Interests I enjoy skimboarding, bodyboarding, and bodysurfing. I also like to run long distances, cook, throw ceramics pottery, and read non-fiction novels. Finally, I always enjoy a good game of pool or Super Smash Bros. on N64.
Reference Steven Taylor or Antonio Torres
Manager, Gina's Pizza and Pastaria
Sandra Ament or Ross Scimeca
Librarian, USC Philosophy Library
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